About Joel rosen


To not have enough energy to live your life’s purpose. No matter how long you were in bed, to not wake up feeling recharged.

Feeling burnt out and exhausted impacts so many aspects of your life. Brain fog and inability to focus and concentrate. Not having the physical capacity to exercise. Crashing, or being wrecked for up to a week after.

Your mind says yes, but your body says no. Like a new toy that requires batteries. Every time you recharge/replace the batteries, no matter how long they charge, the new toy “conks” out after a few minutes. Never letting you have the enjoyment the toy should bring. Only this is happening in your life.


What’s worse, doctors tell you that all your lab results are normal. Test after test. One supplement after another. Not getting the answers you are looking for. Missing out on life. Unable to effectively deal with stress. No motivation, drive or libido. Not liking what you see in the mirror reflecting back to you.

It’s not for the lack of trying either. You want nothing more to get back into the game of life. Knowing something is missing. That you’re not be told. Not getting to the root of your problem.

Searching for answers. Video’s, podcasts, webinars, on-line program. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I designed my own recovery program, and I was able to end the nightmare, and want you to know that you can too.

Read my story:


I had just graduated from my doctorate of chiropractic program. Over two hundred and fifty thousands dollars of student debt. My new wife was pregnant…with twins.

We moved to Florida, after being born and raised in Canada for 28 yours. Along with the massive stress of starting a new private practice in a brand new city with no connections, my wife and I had pregnancy complications.

Long story short, after nearly losing the twins at 20 week, we delivered happy healthy babies at 38 1/2 weeks. That’s 18 weeks of stressful bedrest. Wondering in the early weeks if we were going to go into labor prematurely.

Then if that wasn’t enough, the twins, the new business, the debt, I injured my back weight training…again.

I would say it was then I was at my all time worse.

Then if that wasn’t enough, the twins, the new business, the debt, I injured my back weight training…again.

I would say it was then I was at my all time worse.

Anxious. Overwhelmed. Panic Attacks. Not sleeping. No energy. Not feel recovered. Brain fog. Concentration. Low Motivation. Inability to handle the littlest of stressors. Sugar cravings and crashes. Weight gain around the mid-section. Or the dreaded “love-handles”.

No desire to exercise. When I did, I could hardly complete the basic of sets. Taking 3 days (or more) bounce back. Exercise had been my passion. My stress release. My identity.

Crashing in the middle of the day, needing copious amounts of caffeine to keep me going. No libido. Moody. Short fused. Irritable. Wanting to isolate myself from anyone and everyone.

It was bad and I needed help right away. So help I got, or so I thought.

I was told that nothing was wrong. That my tests were normal, except for low potassium and vitamin D. Knowing deep down that something was wrong, I didn’t accept that answer.

Going for a “second opinion” I was told the same thing. Only this time, I was offered anti-depression or anti-anxiety medication. Both were not an option for me.

That is when an acupuncturist patient of mine brought me a book called “Why do I have thyroid symptoms when my blood tests are normal”.

I wish I had read that book earlier, because it sat on my bookshelf for half a year. I dismissed it because I didn’t feel like I had had a thyroid problem.

But when I came to the section on adrenal fatigue, I was stopped dead in my tracks. It was like they had a picture of me, and described my symptoms to a tee.

The was the epiphany I was looking for. No doctor that I had seen had mentioned anything about this. I had undergraduate degrees in exercise physiology and psychology before graduating with my doctorate degree. But new nothing about fatigue and exhaustion.

I then thought ‘if I haven’t heard of this before, and have been told nothing is wrong with me even though I feel like crap, how many others have been told the same thing’

I learned that what I was a feeling was the accumulation of ‘stress’ on my body.

That it involved so many functions in your body. It impacts so many systems in your body.

Your endocrine system. Which involves your thyroid, adrenals, and reproductive systems.

Your digestive system and how you process, assimilate and utilize nutrients.

Your nervous system, how your brain processes information, and communicate with the rest of your body.

Your immune system, and how you fend off foreign invaders like bacterias, viruses, mold, fungus, and other microbes.

Your detoxification system and how your body clears out and removes environmental toxins that you get to exposed to on a daily basis.

Your reproductive system and how you procreate and have the ability and desire to.

Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and how you pump oxygen and deliver nutrients and remove waste products to and from your cells.

Every system in your body.

In fact. the more I learned, the more I realized that it impacts how your cells make energy at the cellular level.

My mission is to teach burnt-out men and women the impact stress has on their bodies so that they can get their health back naturally.

This involves:

Restoring your circadian rhythm,
Understanding all the environmental stressors that impact your body
Understanding the impact they have
Understanding how your genetic “uniqueness” combines with these stressors.
How that express in your body and leads to burnout and exhaustion.

I believe that all of that can be tested, measured, and improved upon.

I know this because I was able to recover from my own health challenges.

With continued graduate training, I became a Functional Medicine Practitioner with a focus on nutrigenomics. This combines your unique genetics, with your unique stressors.

Creating the perfect storm in your body.

It is also my mission to disrupt the current health care system. That the health care system model is broken, and also needs to be repaired. That health care model needs a paradigm shift.

From the outdated, reductionistic, pharmaceutically based model, to the latest science that combines nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, and environmental factors, and their impacts on the human body.

I now educate tens of thousands of people around the world on how to regain their energy and their lives.