[EP.5]How To Detox Your Body The Right Way: For Longevity and Healthy Aging

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Dr. Joel Rosen:
Alright, so our next guest, I’m really looking forward to it’s Jeff Hoyt. He specializes in developing innovative wellness solutions to meet the needs, health, and wellness of the population. His goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives by making effective, efficient solutions available for health recovery and improvement.

Jeff believes in challenging the status quo and doing things differently with the goal of getting results that have never been seen before. He has developed a number of innovative brands that are revolutionizing rep wellness, with a current focus on Zeolite and the effects of detoxification strategies. Jeff, thank you so much for being here today.

Jeff Hoyt:
Absolutely. Happy to be back. Thanks for having me.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Yeah. So what your reference referring to is on our adrenal fix podcast that we had explaining how your body really detoxes and the powerhouse of ’ elites. And I want to get into that in a couple of moments for the listeners to hear some of the things that they may have missed. I always like to ask a little bit about the background of our guest’s stories and how they got into what they got into.

And in listening to our prior podcast. I was intrigued by the health challenges that you had, and then you ended up opening some sort of a biohacking suite. And then you found the Zeolite product and you felt so strong about it that you kind of went in that direction. So maybe give us some insight on how that transpired. And what what was going on in your thought process with that?

Jeff Hoyt:
Sure. So yeah, it started about 15 years ago with personal health issue issues and then conventional medicine didn’t work and started looking into functional medicine much better. Then I did a little training and started learning about supplements and therapeutic doses and all sorts of stuff, resulting in opening in the biohacking center, the recharge clinic, where it was kind of a combination of functional medicine, biohacking, and we had all sorts of fancy technology. So oxygen therapies, molecular hydrogen, infrared, red light, infrared saunas, Cryo, therapy, PEMF, just all you know, all the fun stuff, mostly just things that I wanted for myself, and I figured I’d share them with others as well.

Just to make the best use of it. So it was all great, getting good results with it. They’re the kind of things that help regulate the systems of the body. But the challenge is that those things almost need to be used consistently do need to be used consistently to continue getting the benefits because they’re not removing the underlying causes of dysfunction. So that’s when I said okay, we really need to add something that removes these things. So, you know, it led me to detox. I’m looking into detox. I’m saying, okay, most of these protocols are just so harsh people can’t handle them. They’re getting terrible reactions. They’re not effective. They’re not working well. I came across Zeolite.

And I quickly realized that Zeolite is one of the most powerful supplements and do Lux agents on the market, but also one of the most misunderstood and misused. And that’s kind of why I’ve dedicated the last couple of years to zero light education and developing this, what I think is the best single light product on the market, just to kind of provide a product that goes beyond the hype, and also provide education on how to use it effectively.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
No, that’s awesome. And I want to thank you, because today, we’ll be talking about the studies that you’ve done and how you were generous enough to allow me to do the studies in my own office. We have a little bit of case studies, and talking about technology. That would be exciting to get into.

And, and be excited to explain to the listeners where to get this information on your website, because you’ve done these studies yourself. I think that brings a lot of a lot of value to the product that you have and as far as so I’m listening to this. And I’m thinking, Okay, I want to learn how to reverse my age, I want to learn how to age healthy, I want to make sure that I’m optimizing as best I possibly can.

A lot of people will hear about Doing a Detox or yeah, they do a juice detox, or they do the special types of binders, whether it’s charcoal or diatomaceous. Earth. So let’s just sort of maybe go down the, the rabbit holes of what the zeolite you have is and what the unique advantages and how we start to get into it.

It’s not just about like you mentioned, it’s a foundational protocol for for, for anything that you do, and maybe talk about which is going to be part two of this will be basically talk about the energies that are needed to be able to employ a detox strategy. So part one would be what is the type of Zeolite that you have? Why do you feel it’s the best that’s on the market?

Jeff Hoyt:
Sure. So yeah, first of all, just anyone that’s looking into detox, I think it’s going in the right direction. Because living in the 21st century, we’re exposed to so many toxic elements, it’s worse than ever. And we really all need to be doing something to support our body’s natural detox functions. And then that goes into what you were saying, where we’ve got juice cleanses, we’ve got binders, we’ve got synthetic Kilaters, we’ve got all these different things.

And what I found is that a lot of people that think they’re detoxing with these various methods are not, not that they’re not beneficial. It’s just that kind of what I discovered through the case studies program is that detox is really up to the body. First of all, right? So we’re all detoxing to some capacity with our kidneys or livers or in our skin. But for someone that has a complex health challenge, sometimes the body doesn’t want to prioritize detox. Because as a self-preservation technique, the body says, You know what, I’d rather keep these toxic elements like mercury stored in Oregon’s opposed to trying to get them out.

And because as they’re leaving, it causes stress on the body. And if that stress is too much for the body to handle, the body keeps them in organs. So that’s where detox is a little bit different from a healthy person to someone with a more complex challenge. And most of the people that are trying to detox generally have some sort of issue they’re trying to resolve. So that’s where I found that a lot of times the juice cleanses the binders, the key laters, especially if they’re causing a stressful experience on the body and you’re getting symptoms, generally, the body’s natural detox functions start shutting down to some extent the natural Pathways because the body doesn’t want to release these metals from deep storage areas. Maybe we can get into more of that later.

But with zeolite I found it to be really the most effective way to remove these deeply stored toxic elements. And a quick backtrace. When I say detox wood I’ve in this context, I’m talking about removing the deeply stored toxic elements, right so the other things are often very helpful at removing circulating toxins. A lot of times when I’m talking detox, I’m talking about getting the body to dump out the metals from organs and

Dr. Joel Rosen:
I think that’s a really good and important distinction because people will do it Jeff and they’ll feel better right? And we’re not pooh the fact that potentially they’re getting rid of processed artificial, a lot of toxic foods that they might be eating that finally for the first time in a long time they’re getting minerals and fiber and even sugar from Mother Nature that can be used very quickly as a as twigs or branches for kindling for igniting that they can get a good a good response to it.

But I think this is a Good dovetail into not just why your zeolite is the best, but how the different deep like if when someone does it, I do think that they want to deep talks deeper, they have the intention, okay, I’m going to do a juice cleanse, I want to detox at a deeper level than stage one and stage two, which we’ll talk about our type, you know, the different different levels level one or level two, they probably think they’re doing a level three in that I got toxic stuff. I eat a lot of sushi. I’ve had mercury amalgams. I know the world is crappy. I have aluminum deodorant, and I’m getting it out by doing this juice cleanse. Thank you for pinpointing that.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yep. And just the real thing I learned is that detox is harder than people think, it’s more complicated than people think, it goes beyond just taking a single supplement. And assuming it’s going to go in and rip all the toxins out of your body in a week or a month or something like that. I think zeolite is I found it to be more effective and just a great detox tool in general because it’s so broad spectrum for one. It’s gentle and can be used long term. I think those are all important. So one, its broad spectrum, I think, really, the key to detox.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
is when you say but broad spectrum, what does that what does that mean?

Jeff Hoyt:

Just its Ability to bind to a number of toxic elements. So when you consider things like key laters, DMPS, DMSA, OSR, EDTA, things that are designed specifically generally for metals, they can go in and grab some of these metals. But if someone has, we never just have metals, right? A lot of times we think that’s the issue, whether we got a test and it showed high mercury.
But when you have any level of toxicity, you generally have all sorts of other things, environmental toxins, potentially glyphosate, and plastics. And then we also end up with microbial issues, excess Candida, and parasites and, and, and Lyme, potentially excess histamine, that we have free radical production, all these things are kind of getting out of control.

And if we’re only addressing one specific element, like a metal, it goes in and can grab this, but then it just stirs things up. And it’s not addressing the other things. And that’s a lot of times why it’s so stressful on the body, and the body can’t handle that process.

So if you’re getting a detox reaction, which would be generally a headache, irritability, joint pain, nausea, something something negative that happens when you take a detox supplement, most people think, Oh, this is great, it means the product or protocol is working. But I think it really means that it’s not as efficient of a detox as you want it to be. Because it means that now you have more circulating toxicity than your body can handle.

And that’s where the symptoms are coming from. Because potentially, you’ve moved a metal from tissue into circulation, and now your immune system is attacking it. And that attack resulting in inflammation is now causing too much stress. So if you take something like a zeolite, when used properly, it can bind to more than just the metals in circulation.

And it basically makes room for your body to receive these other toxic elements that are dumped into circulation and stirred up through the process. So I think a broad spectrum is really key. And it can be done with potentially a number of other supplements. But you might have to take 5678 other supplements, or zeolite can do the job all by itself.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Today’s show is brought to you by Zeo Charge the supercharged co-light that we’re talking to you about on today’s show. This is the bottle that you can see right here. Each scoop delivers five grams, which is 5000 milligrams, it is a very pure, very concentrated micronized cleaned remineralized zeolite that we are talking to you about.

And if you’re looking to try this product, then I have an offer to get a 10% discount link. Just use the code Dr. Joel 10, Dr. Joel 10. And we will provide the link underneath the podcast wherever there is information and let’s get back to the podcast.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
That’s a really great point. Yes, yeah. Thank you. I think that just as an aside to like, I kind of get a little bit of shivers when I hear people that they’re doing a a chelation therapy, and they’re really constitutionally weak. And it’s the first thing that they go after.

And it is a nonselective or it’s a very specific binder that more than anything like you you’re waking up Sleeping Dogs, right and you’re bringing a gun, a knife to a gunfight, you’re underpowered and your immune system has been proven to be able to tag something that it wasn’t tagging before and now you’ve developed potentially a neurological or some kind of autoimmunity against different tissues because you recirculated that toxin. So whoever is listening to this, whether you’re going to approach it with getting a very generalized broad spectrum zeolite or not, you have to really consider all the variables before you do something like this.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, and I have two comments on that. One thing that’s important for people to understand is what makes Eli so special is that it’s a smart binder, or selective binder, meaning, while it’s this negatively charged volcanic mineral that goes in and it starts like a magnet, attracting positively charged toxic elements.

And then some people would say, Well, why isn’t it also depleting essential minerals? Well, most other binders incubators are, which is why they’re stressful on the body, and can’t generally be used long term, which is usually needed for an efficient detox. Zeal light. When proper, you know, a good quality zeolite that’s been remineralized naturally has electrolytes in its cage-like structure.

So it kind of looks like a zeolite honeycomb cage, it’s got you know, potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium in its cage, when it comes across a more toxic or heavier element like mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, it trades the essential mineral for the more toxic element. So when it comes across another essential mineral, something like silicone, it’ll just leave it alone, because it already has what it prefers. And we can prove that through case studies. But basically, it’s not going to go in and directly bind to everything. It’s smart or selective, meaning it’s only grabbing to the toxic elements, which I think really sets it apart from other methods on the market. And then have another comment, if I may. Oh, go please, I want to forget this. So this is I’ve actually because I was, you know, in the past a pretty big fan of some of the synthetic key leaders.

And I was thinking, you know these things, there’s some good research, they’re very strong buying bonds to various metals. But I’ve since discovered that I honestly think that Arzoo like powder zero charge is more effective than any synthetic cubed, or I found, even for metals. And it’s not because it has a stronger bind directly to the metals. But it’s the broad spectrum ability and a number of other things. But one thing to consider.

This is where some people get led astray when we look at the research, let’s say we have, have to consider that someone who’s perfect, that’s relatively healthy, that was just exposed to mercury is going to respond differently to a key later than someone who has bioaccumulated Mercury over 25 years, potentially from having the silver amalgam fillings in their mouth, or some other exposure. Because it’s really up to the body to let go. And what most people think is synthetic key laters and other detox agents can just go in and grab these metals from any tissue anywhere in the body that they want. But the truth is, if the body doesn’t want to let go of that metal, it’s not going to let go. And then you have to ask yourself, well, why wouldn’t I want to let go?

And that goes back to the defense mechanism. So if you were just exposed to mercury, let’s say you were poisoned, you take a synthetic cubed, or something like OSR, incredibly strong bond to Mercury and the studies that can go in, grab it from the brain, and remove it safely, all this stuff. So if you were just exposed, you take it fantastic. But people that have accumulated this mercury over 30 years from the fillings, they take it and it doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t remove the mercury from the tissue.

Why is that? It’s because the body’s retention of the mercury is stronger than the binding capacity of the key later, we win if we fight against the body, we’re going to lose. That’s why our detox we want to work with the body, not against it. So and those individuals, the key is to encourage the body to naturally dump these metals from the tissue. And that’s where zeolite can be more effective, because it’s so broad spectrum that is grabbing the things floating around in circulation, basically making room for these other toxic elements to be dumped into circulation and safely removed from the body.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Right? No, thank you. And we talked a little bit before we got started here on the other binders or charcoal and diatomaceous. Earth they’ve been around for a lot longer. And perhaps zeolite has its advanced in its technology and its utility. So explain why not all zeolites even if they are clinoptilolite are not created equal and what they need to really be looking for.

Jeff Hoyt:
All right, absolutely. I mean, zeolite has been around just as long as all the others just not in a supplement form. Right. They’re all from the earth in some capacity. It’s it’s been there volcanic mineral. But yeah, it was only been around for you know, a couple of decades in terms of supplements.

And since then the technology has been enhanced so much. That’s what makes it so incredible. So basically, one is the particle size with just zeolite. Right, we can take it and we can use a micronization process which is a slicing motion, and basically make the zeolite particles as small as we want.

And that allows for a full body detox as opposed to just a GI binder like most of the other things, and even with various zeolites traditionally, you have the powders that are going to be just used for gi binders, but now we have the micro Innovation to allow it to be smaller. And we actually have multiple particle sizes in our product, which is one of the things that makes it unique. So we’ve got kind of a combination of small particles and larger particle sizes. One we want a GI binder.

And two, we want a full-body detox effect. So on the market, there’s kind of the most people that are familiar with zeolite will say, well, there are all these products, you’ve got powders, you’ve got liquids, what’s the difference? Right? Why is yours better? So you’ve got the liquid zeolites, a lot of first off liquid zeolite is just powdered zeolite mixed with water. So there’s no such thing as by nature, liquid zeolite, right, it’s the lightest mineral, it’s like a big rock, you crush it. Now, a lot of the liquid zeolite companies just take a powder and mix a very minute amount with water and call it liquid zeolite just to take advantage of marketing trends. There are a number of those, unfortunately, on the market.

Now the more reputable brands, further micronized zeolite, to make them very small particles. And their intention is well, we want a full body detox, which makes sense, right? That’s great. And I see the benefit to that. And then you have the other zeolite powders that are just staying in the gut to act as a binder.

And there are benefits to that as well. So we, when I started zeolite labs, they said I want to combine the benefits of both. Because some people were actually taking liquids and powders and mixing various products together to get this range of particles. So I said, Well, we can just turn this into one product. So as zero charge was born, we took the best of the liquid products, the best of the powders, we put them into one product. And then of course we have the purity and all the other stuff. But that’s kind of how Zo Charge was born, combining the best of the other products and then forgetting the third-party testing, the purity. There are a lot of things that need to be considered with SQLite. And we’ve kind of addressed them all to just develop the best product.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
No, it’s great. And I will, like I mentioned in our previous conversation that I had tried one of those and whether it was a reputable company, and it was mixed and it was a small particle. Talk about the actual potency of it all, and why the amount that you’re getting matters,

Jeff Hoyt:
right. And that’s, that’s really the challenge with a lot of the liquids is that because they are powders mixed with water, even if they’re the best quality in the world, very small particle sizes, you’re getting very low doses. So for example, most of the liquids on the market range from about one milligram to sometimes up to 24. But usually, they’re around 234 milligrams per serving. And for reference zero charge, one scoop is 5000 milligrams, right, you’re getting over 1000 times the dose on the zero charge powder as opposed to the liquid. Now that’s significant, because a lot of people and I understand, you know, they’re saying, Okay, well, a lot of people can’t handle detox well. So we’ll just mix this powder with water. And we’ll start slow, and you just take it long term. And it’s a slow approach.

The challenge with that is that I discovered that taking a higher dose of zero light is actually gentler on your body not to mention more effective than a low dose. So it’s basically there’s a dosing paradox with zero light. So instead of starting slow and low, and working your way up, I recommend with zero charge, at least starting with the high dose and working your way down.

And just as an example, and this, I’ve got, you know, 14-page theory on the mechanisms of action behind this on the zeolite labs website under the Education tab, but just some people will mix a little bit zero like zero charges with a glass of water. And they’ll just take one sip, just because they wanted to see what happens, right? Those people oftentimes get the headaches, get the irritability, get the symptoms, then the next day, they’ll drink the entire glass, right with the 5000 milligrams, with no symptoms at all, or they feel better. So it’s not that the low dose or the liquids are working better. It’s just that it’s not working as efficiently, because when you detox, you don’t want to feel anything or you want to feel better, the detox reactions are a sign that it’s just an inefficient detox.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Right. And as you said, typically the people that you see that are the worst of the worst, they’re tempering their, their approach, because they’re concerned, obviously, that they don’t want to have that ill feeling. And so that’s where you can see, they’d be told not to do it very not just go slow and slow.

And you’re not bringing enough water pressure, as I like to say to put out the fire. But then on the flip side, people would say, well, if it’s an aluminum, silicone silicone kind of bond, am I going to be concerned that I could get aluminum toxicity when that particle breaks? And so tell us what you’ve done with that and while your product works effectively, and that’s not a concern?

Jeff Hoyt:
Sure, absolutely. And first, I just want to say don’t just randomly try various doses with any zeolite product. That’s not what I’m suggesting. This has been studied with CO2 charge, not with the others.

Because if you take, let’s say five milligrams of a liquid, and it stirs things up and makes you feel worse, and then you take 10 milligrams, it’s probably gonna make you even worse, this kind of a threshold, right? So you have to be a certain amount above, right? Usually can’t get it within that. So I just want to say that. But then one of the main concerns with zeolite is that people say, Well, this is made of silicone in aluminum. It’s an aluminum silicate by nature. And they say, so isn’t this going to leach aluminum into my body and cause toxicity, and it’s a legitimate concern.

Now we can prove we’re the only company that can prove that zero charge does not cause aluminum toxicity, and we’re testing on the tissue level, there’s no tissue accumulation of aluminum, you can see it on our case studies page. And in fact, it has an aluminum detoxing effect. Now, zeolite is a class of minerals, it’s a broad term, not all zeolites of the same, you’ve got synthetic zeolites for one, and then you’ve got natural. So first off, when you’re looking at a supplement, or just zero like to consider is natural or not, some of the liquid products in the market are not even natural.

And one of the one of the synthetic zeolites has been studied. And it has been shown to actually cause aluminum accumulation in organs. So there is a legitimate concern here, depending on the product. So you want a natural product, you want to make sure that the zeolite you’re using is clean up to the light. So that’s the form of zeolite that’s been studied for human health, and shown to be safe. The main reason that the form was chosen is because it has a very high silicone-to-aluminum ratio. And that ratio is what determines the stability of the structure.

So a lot of other forms of zeolite, if you were to consume would break down in your body, and yes, could potentially cause aluminum toxicity. clinoptilolite, because of its strong structure goes into the body, it doesn’t break down, it doesn’t degrade, it simply passes through grabbing toxic, toxic elements, and making its way out. The higher the silicone-to-aluminum ratio, the more stable and zero charge is actually the highest silicone-to- the aluminum ratio I’ve ever seen. It’s got 74.8% silicone, which is very, very high. And that can be seen in our chemical composition. So it’s in general, it’s even more safe than the others. But all clinoptilolite should be safe, it shouldn’t be breaking down in your body.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Right. And just for kicks and giggles, you’d figure you would do a full canister of your own to show how long did you that for 30 days.

Jeff Hoyt:
Why did that? So and that’s the other thing. Most of these. Some of these trials were that accumulation like the ones these are low doses where they accumulate in some of the liquids, there’s been some concern with some practitioners where they’ve seen some accumulation of metals from various liquid products, potentially, you know, I don’t know why, but whether they’re synthetic or not.

But with zeal charts, some of our case studies are in very high doses. And it’s not an accumulating element, right? We’re talking 1000s and 1000s of times the dose and still no accumulation. So from myself, I took a jar days you mentioned right, so that’s 150 grams. That’s 150,000 milligrams compared to a lot of times you’re getting one milligram two milligrams, right? So they’re in

Dr. Joel Rosen:

Micrograms. So you added another three zeros.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, so some of the products you get 300 micrograms, 700 micrograms. Yeah, for example, six scoops, which a lot of the case studies were on six tablespoons 30,000, that’s 300,000 micrograms.

That’s exactly 100,000 times the dose of a serving of a lot of the liquids, right, you can kind of see, you know, what’s going on here. But with that dose, we’re still seeing no aluminum accumulation. And in myself, I did 10 days, because I just, that’s a lot as you like to be consuming 150 grams, it’s just this a lot of water to be drinking, it’s a lot of powder, but actually ended up losing five pounds during that and going to the bathroom anymore.

So kind of interesting. But during the 10 days, I read, I tested myself on the tissue level to start with retested after 10 days, and there was no accumulation of aluminum actually reduced to a tiny bit, but nothing went up. Right.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
And that’s a good segue to Jeff in terms of what what is this tissue testing that you’re doing? I do have it here. It’s the oligos scan, I’m sure people have heard about that before, where you have four different points in your hand. And it’s measuring what you’re saying is the tissue level, of metals or toxic elements in your body. And then we can share the screen in a moment and show my results. You know, just like a lot of my patients I’m not 100% compliant. So unfortunately that last month wasn’t as bang on as it should have been. But it’s a good intro in terms of what are the three different layers of toxicity and how the tissue tests through the all go scan. So to differentiate A pose.

Jeff Hoyt:
Sure, absolutely. So yeah, I’ve got the I developed a theory on three levels of detox or three levels of toxin storage, basically. And I think you’ve got when you’re going on any sort of detox protocol, there are layers of an onion, right? Layer One is going to be circulation, circulating toxins.

So let’s say just, for example, you’re exposed to a significant amount of mercury, right? Maybe you ate like, five pounds of fish or so I don’t know, you’re exposed to a bunch of mercury, you’ve got this mercury floating around, it’s in level one right away. And that’s where your body’s natural detox functions are always focused on level one, right? You’re trying to excrete this stuff out of the body through normal detox.

But whatever your body can’t get rid of, it has to do something with because when it’s in level one, it’s being attacked by the systems of the body, it’s causing, you know, a strong immune response, which then equals inflammation, and all sorts of symptoms, it’s very stressful. So the body says, I’m going to get rid of what I can.

And the healthier you are the fat, the more you can get rid of. But whatever can’t be dealt with, immediately, the body says, We need to put this into storage. So basically, it goes to level two toxicity, right? And that’s going to be a general tissue area, just general fat, you know, belly fat, just tissue throughout the body. And I consider that a holding area, for the toxins for the body, puts it there, it says we’ll keep it there for safekeeping because it’s, it’s protected from the immune system at this point, so your body’s not attacking it as much. Now you don’t want it long term, but it’s okay short term.

So then if the body is able to kind of make enough room, for one, it’ll release the level two, holding area toxins back Mercury back into level one, and get it out. Now, some people never get to that point, because they’ve got so much going on on a daily basis. Now, if level two fills up your holding area, you’ve got level one full and level two full, it has to go somewhere else, now we’re into level three. And that’s what I would consider deep storage.

And that’s generally going to be your organs and just deeply deep tissues. And once the metals get there, that’s when it becomes especially challenging to get rid of them, because the body just becomes comfortable with them there. Basically, you have to remove metals from both levels, one and other, you know, all sorts of toxicity from levels one and level two, in order for you to make room for your body to push the level three metals back into level two. So that’s where it goes back to the chelation, sometimes it’s limited.

Because if you have these level three metals, and you take a key later, and it goes in and tries to grab it, if your body says, level one and level two are too full, I can’t handle the stress of detox, it’s not going to let go. And basically, you know, at that point, the key leaders really only working on level one. And it’s working in a limited capacity because it’s only binding to metals. So that’s once again, zero charge can be very effective because it’s binding to all these things in level one then level two and level three get dumped. And it’s kind of a layers approach. Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
So I was just gonna say, so it’s a great, it’s a great way for you to put things together. And I think that you’re not, you’re you’re not limiting all that’s involved with level one and level two, you’re just kind of simplifying it.

But for those that are listening, the other things that are involved for level one to work, obviously, is you have to have your liver, your kidney, your lungs, your skin, all of your lymphatics and your your digestive juices flowing, and everything needs to be working effectively.

And if you have not just the body burden of the toxic things that you want to detoxify, but you have issues with combusting energy or making energy by combining the food you eat with the air, you breathe and making energy and then you have a stressful life or stressful job finances, kids, all of the above, you only have a certain amount of what I call biochemical income, to be able to spread around and make processes happen in the body. And you like you said it’s more for survival than thrival.

And ultimately, what happens is there’s only so much that those downstream detox systems can allow level one and level two to get out of the body in the first place. To be able to even think about getting into level three that back to our initial juice cleanses are good for what they are. But you have to be healthy to detox.

And that’s why this is such a good idea for not just a standalone product product on its own. But whatever constitutional or basic or foundational stuff that you’re doing. It’s only going to be complementing what you’re doing. So yeah, I didn’t mean to interrupt you on that, Jeff.

Jeff Hoyt:
Oh, that’s, that’s, that’s absolutely. And I do consider I’m not a person that says you charge or zeolites The only thing you ever need, right? It’s a foundation. It’s a great addition to whatever protocol you’re using. And I do want to kind of comment on what I think happens when you experience a detox reaction, and it might be a good understanding. So basically, I think for one, it could just be all in level one, where you take something that stirs things up in level one potentially you have biofilms that have, you know, parasites and then let you know various metals, you break that biofilm apart, you’ve disrupted things, you’re getting symptoms,

Dr. Joel Rosen:
that’s because that biofilm, like it’s so amazing, the matrix in the polity, you know, it’s like a little Matrix movie going on in the body. And you have these biofilms and I explained to people, it’s kind of like, if you had a party at your house, and you had all of the people you grew up with, they’re in the backyard that came to your party, and then the neighbors are in the kitchen, and then the people that you go to work with, or maybe in the family room, and as the party starts to get loose and everything starts to get good, everyone starts to coalesce together.

But the amazing thing and this so that’s what a biofilm would be with parasites and bacteria and mycotoxins and nanobacteria and viruses. But the crazy thing is, is that it’s able to reinforce that biofilm with little sheets of heavy metal and so forth. So when you take say, like a zeal light, and you don’t have enough water pressure behind that you’re punching these little holes in these biofilms, and you’re kicking up the ocean, you’re really stirring up the Hornet’s Nest, if you will. So that’s kind of what happens.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, because it only takes a very small amount of zeolite, even from a liquid to go in and break disrupt these biofilms. And now you’ve kind of made a mess. But you don’t need extra to clean up that mess. Right? Everything I said, that’s why. So we’re just still talking level one here. Sometimes maybe stuff in level two gets dumped into level one. Because level one is your threshold, whatever. If you’re right, it can’t handle what’s in level one, it’s not going to get to the other levels. So that’s kind of the challenge.

So some people what happens is they’re doing cleanses, they’re taking zero light, they’re doing whatever, and they’re getting the symptoms, they think they’re detoxing, but they’re all in level one still. It’s all circulating, and they’re never getting to the deeper levels. Because you have to clear level one first. If that’s right, that’s

Dr. Joel Rosen:
right. Yeah, so Okay, so why don’t you maybe show us your eye? So you lent me the oligos scan? And then I did one I think five weeks later, and then six weeks later?

Jeff Hoyt:
Yep. should I should I quickly? I’ve got it pulled up to show how to detox the for over a month. To kind of give an absolutely Yep. That really quick, let me share the screen, and then we’ll move to yours. This might help people when I’m trying to say, maybe poorly communicating it, but it might help visually show them what I’m talking about.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Now you’re doing a good job of explaining things.

Jeff Hoyt:
Is this data shared? Alright, can we see that? Yep. Okay, perfect. So this is, I tested this individual four different times over a month. So every seven days, because I wanted to see kind of how the body was processing these metals. So the initial test was in gray on top, and then the color was one week later.

So you can see that most of the metals are actually rising, which indicates that’s good because the initial test is the tissue of your hand, or measuring the metals and the tissue of your hand when the levels rise. And I would

Dr. Joel Rosen:
consider it should be level one and two, Jeff is just level one,

Jeff Hoyt:
I would say most of the level two, potentially, one, yeah, it’s a combination, because the device is testing What’s four millimeters deep into the hands. So it could be hitting some blood vessels, you know, it could be hitting things on the way most of the tissue most of the cellular, but it’s just whatever it hits on the way down four millimeters deep into the end. So most of the level to some level one. But as the level rises, that means that these metals are coming from level three. So they’re coming from deep storage, and they’re making their way into the hand.

And they’re been preparing to go out later. So this is a good sign you want the levels to go up. So that’s week one. The next week, the levels are even higher. So they crept up a little bit because the body was pushing them out. And now week two, the body’s pushing more of them out. And we also want to see how is the body responding.

So we looked at the vitamins, and all of the vitamins were greatly improved. So this was from two scoops a day. So that’s 10 grams of zero charge. He’s not taking anything else. He’s not taking any supplements, his vitamin levels are improving strictly from the zero charge, because it was reducing stress on his body. While detoxing.

He felt nothing the whole time, which is what you want, right? This is what I wanted to show you though. That’s after two weeks. He’s detoxing. He’s detoxing more deeply stored metals. But then the next week, see how the metals started going down. And he expressed to me that his son got pretty sick and he was exposed to the sun. You know coughing, sneezing, all that stuff. This individual never felt anything.

But you can tell that his immune system was triggered to some capacity because now all of his vitamins are down to his body is using additional resources for something, whatever that may be. His immune markers have just activated copper zinc, indicating an immune response is now higher, and his body stopped detoxing. So now he’s taking the same amount, he’s still taking 10 grams this entire time. But it just shows you that it’s not about the zeolite’s ability to go in and directly grab metals from tissue, it’s about the body’s willingness to release the first two weeks, his body had enough energy to release those metals with the support of the zero charge. But then we entered week three, his body was preoccupied by another stressor, so his body stopped detoxing. That’s why we see a reduction, it’s kind of a cleanup phase,

Dr. Joel Rosen:
right. And just as an aside, had you not had the vitamin status there and his feedback, which is credence to the important point of asking and talking to your patient. So again, this is not my case study. This is one where Jeff happened to do one week, two weeks, three weeks in a row to just kind of see how these numbers changed. But potentially, if this person was doing better, they didn’t get sick. And their vitamin status had continued to improve, but the markers had started to come down. That’s where you have a different impression of okay, perhaps that we’ve got enough of that deep layer in the storage coming out into level two that we don’t need more, we don’t have any more to come out with, is that accurate to

Jeff Hoyt:
say? Right. So after two weeks, and then I mean, at this point, you would say it’s possible, he got everything out. But he had a number of fillings in his mouth, he was 72. We did a detox protocol. So we have to imagine there’s more mercury than that. And we’re gonna see that here.

Because now the next week, as is recovered, internally, the Mercurys are coming up again. So yeah, he did, in fact, have more metals, his body just took a break from detoxing to deal with the current threat. And then he started recovering and the vitamins improved. Again,

Dr. Joel Rosen:
I mean, that’s an important lesson for you, if you want to detox, don’t get focused on shiny objects. If you have major stressors going on in your life, you’re releasing cortisol. Now, all of a sudden, you said to your body from a stress response, I want you to prioritize spending, whatever income we’re making, on dealing with the mechanics of the stress response, and not going back to releasing the metals that we were sort of copacetic with and chilled out about. Now, we can’t do that, because we have better demand in our worst demand or increased demand in our body.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, and I think that I think that alone is one of the most important concepts to understand with detox, is that it’s up to your body for one. So 10, people could be taking the same supplement, five could be detoxing, five could not right, so let’s say someone that has chronic Lyme, chronic infections, chronically elevated cortisol, from various stressors, all these different things, their body is not going to have the energy to focus on detox, I call it detox energy, right?

So because of the body, the thing about the other things is they’re more immediate threats. With the toxins, the body has a natural storage unit for them, it can put them into fat. That’s why a lot of times people become so toxic. And people get these tests. And they say, I’m sick because I have high mercury, or something else. But in reality, a lot of times they have high levels of these because of another factor, right? The elevated cortisol from whatever it may be or other issues, and their body hasn’t been able to prioritize detox, potentially for years. So every little bit of metal that comes into their body just jams it into storage, right? And if you’re asked to address it all, I go ahead, and I said the key is to address it all. So the key to detox is getting as healthy as you can be,

Dr. Joel Rosen:
right? Yeah. And I was just gonna say like, for a lot of people that are tired and exhausted and feel toxic. Another blow of theirs is they’re not able to release the weight, they have weight loss resistance. And that’s sort of a microcosm of the fact that your body just doesn’t have the energy or downstream mechanics to take on the release of those toxins that are stored in the fat.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, a lot of people Yeah, a lot of people that have excess body fat, actually have higher general tissue levels of the metals, which is actually a good thing, because it means they’re in the general tissue and not in the organs. Right. That’s one reason a lot of people have a difficult time losing weight their body doesn’t want to let go of that natural storage unit. If you lose weight, and mobilize these metals and other toxins, then they have to make their way to organs if they can’t be excreted, and it can be very toxic. So detox is definitely a foundation for any weight loss protocol, in my opinion, for sure. Should we get to your results?

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Yeah, go ahead.

Jeff Hoyt:
All right. So we have we’ll start with the metals. So first off, this was five weeks. So you were and how much were you taking?

Dr. Joel Rosen:
I was taking a little more than two, two scoops a day, two tablespoons, probably probably three to four. I had a measuring error, but which was worked out in my favor,

Jeff Hoyt:
right? You always want to err on the side of a higher dose and you’ve experienced Did you feel anything negative?

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Oh, I mean, I didn’t know was like I was saying in my, the coding of my tongue, which tends to be more white because of amalgams and antibiotics as a kid up, up and you know, just the wazoo all the time. But I do feel just, you know what another thing too was more satiated, right? Just feel like I’m Fuller, faster. And of course, a lot more energy.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, well, good. So when I tell people when you’re removing deeply stored metals, so when we’re talking a level three detox, which is what we’re talking about here, you either want to feel nothing, or you want to feel better. So we already kind of talked about, you don’t want to feel worse, because it means it’s stressing out your body, and then your body with that stress is going to shut down its pathways.

Now, sometimes you feel better, sometimes you feel nothing. Either way, it’s a good sign. So sometimes it takes a couple of months to feel better, and sometimes you feel better right away. Now looking at the results, we see the baseline in gray. And we see five weeks later, the color so you can see all the metals are coming up, which means they’re coming out because what you’d rather have these metals, you’d rather have mercury in your hand than in your brain. Right. So they’re coming out of Oregon’s level three, they’re making their way to general tissue to then be excreted from the bodies. And this is a significant Merc, Mercury dump.

A lot of people don’t even start releasing Mercury for a couple of months into the detox. Because it’s so stressful. Some people released every other metal but not mercury. And just note that you have basically every metal stored in your body. The only one that didn’t arise is gadolinium. So you basically have all this stuff in store. And that’s not uncommon. Right? So the point is, with the support of the zoo, charged, your body said, Now we’re going to release some of this mercury and other metals. And now it’s higher on the test, which is great.

And relating to, you know, the coating on the tongue. A lot of times when you remove mercury, that helps with yeast issues because yeast and Mercury kind of connect to each other. And a lot of people experience some sort of effect there with the tongue and various things. But we want it Okay, so right off the bat, we say yes, the detox is working. Right? It’s an effective detox, we’re removing deep-level metals, great, then we want to say, how efficiently is it working with your body?

And we see we check your vitamins and your vitamins, you’re actually the most improved, they’re not worse. Because a lot of times when you start detoxing, even if you don’t experience symptoms, that would definitely be a sign it’s stressful. Sometimes it still stresses out your body and lowers the vitamin levels, because your body has to use additional resources during the detox process to stay balanced.

And your case, it actually raised your levels, meaning that it was reducing the total stress load on your body. So overall, this is a really good sign, then we go to the minerals overall, the minerals are actually starting to balance a little bit some things like the Chromium are a little worse, the phosphorus is a little worse, and sometimes the minerals will temporarily get a little bit imbalanced, just as you’re stirring so much stuff up. I mean, this Mercury has potentially been stored in tissue for many years, right?

So the fact that you felt things, and we really didn’t have any significant damage, or I mean, there’s no damage, but no significant impairment of minerals, or vitamins is a really good sign. So that’s the first five weeks. So then we go to the next six weeks to test it again six weeks later. And it doesn’t look like there’s a lot going on. So some of them are still rising a little bit. Some of them are coming down a little bit.

And it’s possible because you mentioned you were a little bit inconsistent at this point, you skipped a few doses, and it’s possible that it became a little bit stressful on your body, because now still about the same, the vitamins, so not too stressful, but you’re getting some mineral disturbances, the magnesium went down phosphorus silicone, so potentially a little bit of redistribution of the metals.

And I will say it is very, the soul first worse. So your body’s having to use extra natural resources during the detox potentially from skipping doses of zero charge. Because once you start taking zero charges, and you’ve opened up these pathways, and you’re dumping these metals from deeply stored areas, and then if you just suddenly stop or you miss a couple of doses, your body has to deal with that on its own. And that’s what can become very stressful. So a lot of people will try it for like three days stop and then they feel terrible. So really, that’s that’s the key point you want. Once you start you really don’t want to stop

Dr. Joel Rosen:
being committed. It’s like taking an antibiotic not that we recommend taking antibiotics but they tell you you need to finish the dose for doing that, just as an aside on that. SEC on that. This one we’re looking at here is my second reading six weeks later, I believe I mean I’ve been getting a lot of mileage and the on-the-road running and jogging and walking.

So I think I was sweating out a lot as well. And so the combined not being super compliant along with probably losing a lot of have, you know water and high being dehydrated, could have helped could have caused that result. And what I’ll be doing is being consistent again, and then in for another four weeks, see where we’re at.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah. And it’s also possible because this is over six weeks, it’s possible that these levels continued rising for another three weeks, and then they made their bed. Right? That’s a good point. So we really don’t know. It’s just hard to say, but what we know is the most important thing was the first test.

We saw that the dose you were on the two scoops was sufficient for you to get your body to release deeply stored metals. From our case studies, people can see that some people need more than the two scoops to get their bodies to this point. It just depends the healthier you are, the less you need it, the more complex your health challenge, if you’ve got mycotoxins, you’ve got various infections, you’ve got all sorts of stressors, the more stressors you have, the more you’re going to need to combat those various stressors to get your body to the point to feel comfortable to release metals.

So if you think you’re in that boat with more of a complex issue, and your body doesn’t detox that, well, you’re always going to want to start with the higher dose, usually around six scoops, honestly is ideal. And then you can work your way down. So Graham, right six scoops, in the first month, five scoops the second month for three to start, which is

Dr. Joel Rosen:
what you call the ultimate zeolite experience. Exactly. Right. Because

Jeff Hoyt:
because the challenge is and here’s this is what is concerning for me. And I didn’t realize most of this before we did the case studies is that a lot of people have been taking various detox products, including Zeo, lights, and good zeolites, even zero charges. And they think that they’re removing deeply stored metals.

And they could take these things for 10 years, and not ever remove a deeply stored metal. So let’s say the key is you have to consider your daily dose of toxins, right, that’s the amount of toxicity that you’re exposed to on a daily basis. And those are new, they’re regenerative, right, they’re new every day.

So that’s going to be from external exposure, food, air, cosmetics, whatever. And then also from internal production. So we have most of the toxins we are exposed to are actually internally produced toxins, things like metabolic waste products, and microbial waste products. So if our natural, if we’re just not as healthy as we should be in it, let’s say our livers not working properly, or kidneys, then we get a buildup of some of these metabolic waste products. Like ammonia, right?

So if your livers are not working ammonia builds up, it can go to your brain and be neurotoxic, etc, kidneys, not working urea, and so forth. So some people are at max capacity on a daily basis from their daily dose. And let’s say you take one scoop of zero charge. And the whole, let’s say that’s 5000 milligrams, it is 5000 milligrams, let’s say that’s 5000, little zeolite soldiers going in, right? If you’ve got 5000, toxic invaders, that are being regenerated every single day in your body, the whole scoop of zero charge is going to be used just for your daily dose of toxins. So you would need to take you could take that for 10 years.

And you’re not actually detoxing levels two or three, because you’re only it’s helping you greatly, right, it’s going to be very helpful. It can improve your vitamin status, it can make you feel better, because you’re relieving the stress on the body and level one. But you might need to get to two scoops just to start getting to the next level,

Dr. Joel Rosen:
you have to pay more than just the interest payments, right? I mean, you never get out of debt.

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah. And that’s why like, I mean, and that goes back to some of the liquids, I think this is an important key because a lot of people say I need the liquid because you know, this nanosized or whatever it may be. But just because it’s nano-sized and supposed to be across the blood-brain barrier.

That doesn’t mean it’s ever going to get there. Because if it’s bypassed, if it’s getting to the gut, it’s going to be all used up in the gut before it has a chance to even get into circulation. Because it’s a low dose. And if it’s like the Zombot, potentially, it’s able to bypass digestion. But even then, if your body doesn’t want to let go, just like what the key laters is not going to let go. Right. So the point is, start with the higher dose and work your way down just to make sure you’re actually detoxing.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Yeah, and what I really like about it too which I’ve recommended to plenty of my patients that I work with is the fact that it can get those it’s a general What do you call it a selective and nonselective, or selective, selective binder, selective select, read smart binder so that you can bind ammonia histamine. I wouldn’t wonder if it would bind lactic acid. Do you know if it would do that as well?

Jeff Hoyt:
There is one study actually showing that. And then yeah, I’ll mention a few other things it does bind to because I’m sure people are curious. But yeah, there’s there’s a study with athletes. And they were taking I think the study actually showed that zeolite at about two grams was proving leaky gut status repairing the gut lining, but there was maybe this was a different study but yeah, the lactate was able to reduce recovery time in athletes, and they were taking the zeolite, post-workout when there was more of these metabolic waste products produced. And another thing, when you’re working out, you’re going to be producing free radicals, just from the workout process and zeolite can actually trap and neutralize free radicals in its cage.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
That’s interesting. Yeah, it’s been interesting, because I’ve just been doing some more research on the RAMBo cycle, which is more about your body processing too much fats and beta-oxidation with too much extra fuel left over and sugars and high fructose corn syrup, which is 88 to percent or more of metabolic li sick Americans. And the challenge with that is that the breakdown of energy production causes massive amounts of lactic acid. Right? So seeing the zeolite as and I guess, maybe you could you’ve known the history. I mean, does the history go back through millennia in terms of binders and being used by other, you know, just sort of ancient ancient societies?

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, I mean, binders have been used for a while. I mean, there are even clay-eating people who live off of clay alone, right now. So I mean, zeolite has been used for probably 1000s of years, just not in a supplement form, just people that have found kind of like deposits that have small amounts of zeolite. Of course, it’s not going to be as good, but there are still benefits.

So just in general binders are very effective, for they’ve been used forever. It’s just now we’ve taken that superfood, and we’ve used science to combine it. So I say we take science plus superfoods, and we get the solutions. So we have just an advantage now with some of the scientific breakthroughs, where we can make the zeolite exponentially more powerful than it is just by nature.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
Right? Are you doing more studies, Jeff?

Jeff Hoyt:
So we’ve got that. So the case studies program was one just to kind of figure out because I didn’t want to be selling a product that wasn’t good. I wanted to make sure we could actually remove metals. And we saw that it can remove metals from tissue, and it removed all 15 toxic metals we tested it for. So that’s incredible. We saw that generally it improves vitamin status, doesn’t directly bind the minerals doesn’t cause aluminum toxicity. Because if we’re being honest, I wasn’t 100% sure about the aluminum.

Because I heard so much stuff, and even practitioners saying like, Oh, I’m concerned about aluminum. So that’s the main reason we did the case studies. Now beyond that, we’re looking to do some additional studies. So right now a study is actually being conducted. It’s a pilot study with eight, eight individuals, but an MD is testing eight of his patients, for they’re taking 10 grams a day of the zero charge, they did a pre-test with fecal metal and also urine metals. And then they’re going to do a post-test. So because we have the tissue levels, where we’re going to get some additional data, we’re also doing something called the Zero-like SIP challenge, where people are volunteering to take a sip of the zero charge and measure reactions.

And if they get a negative reaction, they’ll take the full glass the next day and see if they get no reaction. So just a way just to show people that yes, the higher dose definitely is better. And then we’re also looking into doing a glyphosate study, just to show that zeolite can remove glyphosate from the body, and a number of other things. So yeah, definitely we’re in the beginning stages. We just wanted to have the baseline case studies to make sure it was safe and effective to put on the market. But now we want to kind of just continue legitimizing it and showing exactly what this thing can do. It’s

Dr. Joel Rosen:
awesome. Lots of potential there. So the website is zero light labs, right? All one word. And if you use Dr. Joel 10, that will get you 10% off, and I’ll make sure I put that in the show notes. We got to figure out what to do for part three. Maybe I’ll be more consistent with my testing. As far as I know, do you have any specific case or doctor or personal story of someone who’s used your product that has some astounding or phenomenal uncanny results?

Jeff Hoyt:
Yeah, I mean, honestly, it’s it’s, it’s kind of amazing. There’s there’s a lot of them. I mean, just the one lady was bedridden. And this was just recent, she was actually in our case studies, was bedridden for years couldn’t work, having issues taking, you know, working with practitioners not getting great results, and just adding the zero charge. After six months, she was back to work.

She lost 20 pounds. Just yeah, just amazing. I mean, stuff like that. A lot of people take it just to calm down the nervous system, and the immune system. I think that the people who experienced the most profound benefits immediately are people who are exposed to potential mycotoxins or some sort of very immunostimulating agent on a daily basis, and if they can calm their system down through the use of the proper use of zeolite. That’s incredible.

I mean, there are tons of people who were previously taking with zeolites. I mean, even someone this week that I spoke with was taking a liquid zeolite for a number of months and maybe even a year was a month because she had to go on and off it because she couldn’t tolerate it. And she just knew she could only do like 12 days a month and was feeling worse. She actually had this test conducted the illegal scan because she was aware she had used it practitioner and nothing was changing. And then she started zero charges.

And felt actually started feeling better immediately. And she said that her digestion, she’s never been able to regulate it. And this is a practitioner that’s very knowledgeable, never been able to regulate it. In the first three days, her digestion of chronic constipation was gone. And I tested her again, and this was just last week, I tested her again, after 10 days of using Enzo Charge.

And her metals were rising. So she’s dumping them, and everything was working well. And she was feeling better. And this was after taking the liquid, she couldn’t even tolerate it. Now she’s taking and she’s taking 30 grams, six scoops of the zero charge. So there’s there’s a good example of saying the low-dose disaster not really working, making you feel worse. And then the higher dose she’s feeling incredible. So stuff like that. I mean, I see people are emailing me saying their eyesight is improving. Just all sorts of stuff. It’s, it’s really, yeah, there’s so many things.

Dr. Joel Rosen:
You know, I have the first edition of the podcast, we interviewed the gal who is the CEO of True Diagnostics, which is a company that does DNA methylation, and they test your biological age versus your chronological age.

I haven’t done my second follow-up test yet, but I’ll make sure that I start with my continue with my consistency with the zero light charges zero charges and see what epigenetic markers change well because getting rid of those burdens and, and binding the sites with with minerals and vitamins can only help with your with your metabolic health. So I’ll be interested to we’ll maybe do a part two on that Jeff, or Part Three on that. But I want to thank you for your time today. I appreciate your knowledge and your generosity of your time and look forward to some future conversations with you.

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