Here Is The Incredible Nootropic Booster for Clarity, Focus, & Memory

Nootropic Booster for Clarity, Focus, & Memory

Did you know the average American is exposed to 4,000-10,000 ads daily? That’s nearly double the number of ads the average person saw in 2007 and over five times as many ads as the average person saw in the 1970s.

On top of that, according to text messaging statistics, adults under 45 years send and receive approximately 85 texts daily. Further, an average consumer sends three messages per hour, 72 messages per day.

Americans check their phones at least 96 times daily or once every ten minutes. 

Between social media, your work responsibilities, and other miscellaneous stimuli, the amount of information our brains process daily is incomprehensible. 

It’s also no wonder that brain fog, lack of focus, and attention deficit disorder, especially into adulthood, are all rising. 

One of the obvious solutions is to take stock of how addicted we are to technology. Deleting as many apps as possible, turning off notifications, and time-blocking your usage, will all go a long way. 

Removing processed foods and replacing them with nutrient-dense, high-quality foods will also support your scattery brain symptoms. 

Yet, with all these changes, it’s very likely that you’re still left with a foggy brain. With the proper nutrients and metabolically supportive botanicals, you can get the brainpower you desire and attack your daily tasks. 

That’s precisely why Cell Re Calm AM was formulated. When processing stimulus after stimulus, you ask your neurons to fire rapidly. This, of course, requires more fuel. When the body cannot keep up, it goes into sympathetic mode. 

That’s where Cell Re Calm AM really shines, providing a safe, effective, endurable answer to your concentration, energy, and attention needs.

The superstar lineup of this formula starts with lemon balm. Lemon balm has traditionally been used to enhance mood and cognitive function, while the potential usefulness continues beyond there. A study in 2014 touted the “anti-stress” effects of foods rich in lemon balm. 

Next, the powerful polyphenol magnolia bark contains the highly beneficial active ingredient, honokiol. A study in 2013 demonstrated the “neuroprotective” properties in a wide array of ways. 

Then you have Dashen, which shows in the research to be used to prevent and treat cerebral infarctions. The incredible side effects are increased blood flow, vasodilation, focus, clarity, and memory. 

Lastly, you have Magnesium L-Threonate. A recent study in 2022 improves brain function in Chinese Adults. 

We believe Cell Re Calm AM can help anyone searching for more brain fuel, engagement, awareness, and mood support in their day-to-day life—

We put a lot of thought, analysis, and purpose into our lineup of nootropic ingredients.

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