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Of all the adrenal fatigue-knowledgeable doctors I’ve talked to, Dr. Rosen truly is the most knowledgeable, empathic, concerned for you as a patient, and willing to share his time to figure out your individual issues. It can be overwhelmingly difficult finding a doctor who is thoroughly educated on all the complicated issues we deal with, and to find that and compassion in Dr. Rosen is wonderful news for those of us still searching for help”


"When I started working with Dr. Rosen after being ill for over a year, I was finally able to start getting to the root of my health issues. Dr. Rosen is kind, generous, humble, and dedicated to helping his patients achieve optimal health. He continues to research, learn, and expand his already expansive and impressive knowledge base. I have improved immensely under his care"


“Dr. Rosen, I for one really appreciate all that you have done for me. You helped me in ways that conventional medicine and “specialists” couldn’t. Your heart is in the right place, you make it your daily life to help people get better in a way that works for real.


“Dr.Joel is great. He has a gift of being able to analyze things so accurately.His understanding of the metabolic pathways is amazing. I am really enjoying working with him and am seeing results. Good luck”


"Dr Rosen is so very knowledgable, especially when it comes to biochemistry and genetics, AND he's got a great big heart and real passion for helping others. Where other doctors have sent me home with no answers and no hope, Dr Rosen gave me the tools and knowledge to facilitate healing! When I first met with him, I had such bad cellular level fatigue, I could barely lift a mug, could only walk about 10 feet on my own (and VERY slowly), could barely think, and I was still getting worse quickly! After just 1 session, I saw immediate results - my energy was being restored finally. Each and every session brought more results, and 3 months down the line, I'm well on my way to full recovery and able to do pilates, help around the house, walk the dog, etc - I literally have Dr Rosen to thank for saving my life"


I started having temperature regulation problems, brain fog, visual problems, dizziness, bruising easily, and lethargy. I went to my regular doctor, and he said I needed to grief counselling. As a nurse, I knew more was going. I learned that I had an MTHFR concern from a genetic test. When some of the stuff we started with began to work, it’s such a great feeling. I’m no longer freezing when everyone else is fine. I don’t have as much brain fog. I was so tired I could’nt even think. I have the tools that you taught me that I do, when I know it is coming, and that in invaluable. Feeling better is a no brainer.


Dr. Rosen is so awesome I want everyone to know how much he teaches us and cares about those who are trying to live their lives with this terrible condition. It’s invaluable since the allopathic doctors are clueless!!


Dr. Joel Rosen is extremely knowledgeable caring and compassionate. He truly cares and is genuine. His staff has been friendly and helpful. So glad to have their help.


I first became a patient after spending many hours searching for a qualified professional. I value the extensive knowledge Dr. Rosen demonstrates on the subject of adrenal dysfunction. I so appreciate his ability to make me feel he understands the nuances of my health condition. His treatment approach is also conservative yet personal.


My health journey may not have been easy, especially after 8 different specialists told me, there was nothing wrong with me” I am SO TRULY GRATEFUL to have worked with him and to have had him guide me and teach me. I will utilize what he has taught me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Joel, you are truly life changing!!!❤️?❤️


I started my healing journey with Dr. Joel in July 2018. My life went quickly into the downward spiral, prior to working together. I felt understood and I knew to be on the right track. Today I can say that I sleep most of the nights and I feel energized. I am happy to recommend Dr. Rosen.


Feeling exhausted and washed out. My energy was low. I was also incredibly worried about my mental capacity. Since working with Dr. Rosen, I am happy to report I am waking up with energy, and not feeling like I needed a cup of coffee to get the morning fog out of the way. Having more energy and more mental capacity to do my job, and my art is invaluable to me.


Dear Dr. Rosen, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been such a journey and I don’t think anybody could really appreciate just how much I needed this because I have gone to great lengths to make my physical suffering invisible to the public. I just want to thank you for holding up this high standard and encouraging people to reach for that even when it’s hard and expensive and time-consuming. It’s really been worth it and I have a lot of work to do still but I want to thank you for inspiring me and challenging me to do it.


I had been to numerous doctors in the US and in the UK for years, prior to discovering Dr. Rosen. No other doctor has put it all together to find out what was going on with me. In addition, Dr. Rosen always makes me feel as if I am his number one patient – he actually seems to care and does all the research to dig through the maze to figure out what is going on. He looks at the whole person – not just the physical human being. He is a doctor, a therapist, an investigator and a methylation nerd (as he calls himself) all rolled into one!


I’ve been struggling with adrenal fatigue for many years. I believe it started in college 20 years ago and gradually spiraled downward from there. After many visits and tons of tests showing no abnormal results, I walked away feeling defeated. I spent 4 years and thousands of dollars on alternative doctors and methods, with little lasting results.

Then I found Dr. Joel Rosen. He was different from the rest. He had so much compassion, knowledge, personal experience, and intuition. He was able to empathize, a powerful tool that few doctors possess, because he had been there before and come out on top. But I was still hesitant to sign up with him. I had been burned so many times and left feeling more hopeless than before.

I began working with Dr. Joel.

He was able to get me from not being able to even sit up on the couch to do my household chores, doing the grocery shopping, and taking my family for a daily hour-long walk. I felt like my life was returning to me! There is no other gift more precious in life to me than giving me the ability to enjoy my family and have them enjoy me!!! This is truly a miracle, and I can’t wait to be able to tell the rest of the story!

I highly recommend Dr. Joel Rosen to anyone with anxiety or depression, fatigue, or deteriorating health. I find myself wanting everyone that I know to work with him – my mom, my sisters, my friends… He really has answers and he’s the real deal!!!


Before I started with Dr. Rosen, I was tired, frustrated, lost, confused but I knew there was hope. I had very little energy, hopping from one doctor to the other.

I wasn’t really skeptical, I was too desperate to be 🙂 But, you offered a free consultation and that really gave me a chance to get a feel for your style and personality. Afterward our consult I knew this wasn’t just a sign up for my program/supplements type of situation, you were interested in helping people overcome health issues.

My big breakthrough was really paying attention to my diet, and environmental factors. A light bulb went off and never looked back.

I now have more energy to do basic things I wasn’t doing ( like energy to clean the kitchen, go to the park with my son and nephews, shopping ), less anxiety, a more positive outlook, and the belief that I was going to totally regain my vitality.