The Main Way Sulforaphane Promotes Longevity & Aging Gracefully

The vitamin that's key to aging gracefully

If we’ve learned anything about the relationship between stress and chronic disease over the years, it’s necessary to have a “direct-acting” antioxidant response.  

Meaning, being able to “actively” down-regulate the immune response and the associated production of inflammatory chemicals. Which is a fundamental process for whole-body health throughout your entire lifespan. Yet, up until recently, studies have not shown this consistent “active” ability to produce the therapeutic responses that we have hoped. 

Until Sulforaphane came along. 

We are begging to understand the widespread damage inflammation plays in muscle strength, immune function, gut health, mood stability, and hormone regulation, to name a few. 

Whenever talking about inflammation, your body’s ability to produce glutathione is critically essential. As you may already know, glutathione not only supports inflammation management, but it is essential for your overall immune and cellular health.

Enter Sulforaphane, your body’s precursor for Glutathione, and a key nutrient for longevity. 

Longevity is a hot topic in the world of anti-aging medicine. So, when discussing the aging gracefully topic, it should be a major part of what you should consider your “foundational” strategy. That is, harnessing the power to actively engage your anti-oxidant response elements.

From a genetic (or better yet, “genomic”) perspective, this chief antioxidant response element gene pathway overseeing this vital process is known as nuclear factor erythroid 2–related factor. Better known as Nrf2.

Technically, Nrf2 is an important transcription factor gene that regulates the expression of phase 2 detoxifying enzymes and antioxidant genes.

I believe getting dialed in on how this gene is influenced by your “epigenetics” is a new and emerging field for biohackers and integrated doctors alike.

NRF2, when signaled by the ever-increasing toxic and stressful environment we live in, is the need to harness our antioxidant systems, protecting our bodies from oxidative stress. Which is the equivalent of the rusting out of our body’s cellular processes. Once those genes are awakened they start working the way they used to when we were young.

That is the theory anyways. But sulforaphane and the Nrf2 pathways that it supports go so much deeper than your antioxidant response elements. Things like balancing your body’s growth and reparative process with your body’s recycling and breaking down processes (more on that in another post)

But for now, what I want you to take away is sulforaphane is a nutrient that wakes up the Nrf2 pathways.  That is one of the main reasons, amongst many, why sulforaphane promotes longevity & aging gracefully

Sulforaphane is a polyphenol with research emerging, demonstrating it to be a phytochemical with comparatively high bioavailability. Which is really good news for you. Meaning, all things being equal when you do get the actual active ingredients of a pure, unadulterated sulforaphane, you’re going to feel the younger and increased vibrancy vibe it promotes.

Like most nutrients, you have to make sure you avoid these common pitfalls when selecting your source.

Consider the following when getting a high-quality sulforaphane powder: 

  1. FRESHNESS: Once a vegetable is harvested it immediately begins to decompose (rot/oxidize). This decomposition process diminishes the Micronutrient values similar to an open container of carbonated beverage going “flat” over time.
  2. ORGANIC: Compelling research, and common sense, demonstrates that Vegetables grown with the assistance of Chemicals contain significant amounts of these Chemicals. While these additives significantly enhance crop yields they were not meant for Human Consumption
  3. SYNTHETIC: As much as 90% of the Nutrition Supplements consumed in the form of Powder, Pills, Food Additives, and Liquids are reported to be Synthetic. This means that the elements (Hydrogen, Carbon, etc) were extracted from dead, non-organic material,
  4. BIOAVAILABILITY: This is the term that relates to the proportion of an ingested ingredient that is available and absorbed into a living system and utilized for beneficial outcomes.
  5. ABSORPTION: Coupled with Bioavailability, this is the portion of an ingested ingredient that finds its way into the bloodstream. A critical factor in this process is what part of the body is the ingredient exposed, to be absorbed.
  6. DEHYDRATION: Because our Proprietary drying process is completed within 24 hours of harvest at room temperature, there is a little diminishment of living absorption enhancing ingredients.
  7. MICRONUTRIENT DENSITY: How many units of Micronutrients are available per quantity of ingredient? IOGP Broccoli powder has tested as high as 66,000 IU/100g (3.5 oz) of Vitamin A, beta carotene. Fresh Raw Mature Broccoli contains 623 IU/100g. (USDA) This means you would need to consume 106 times the Mature Stage Broccoli. One ounce of Powder equals more than 6.6 pounds of Mature Fresh Organic Raw Broccoli for Vitamin A, beta carotene.
  8. SHELF LIFE: The shelf life of Fresh Raw Vegetable powder is significantly greater than a Fresh Raw Vegetable.
  9. STORAGE: The powder product takes up a fraction of the space for storage and doesn’t require refrigeration to maintain quality.
  10. TRANSPORTATION: The transportation logistics regarding Powder are a fraction of those of a Mature Stage product. Vegetables are typically 85-90% water. Needless to say, the elimination of the water, while preserving the Micronutrients, significantly reduces the issue of transport.
  11. PREPARATION: The requirements of preparing Powder for inclusion in a meal are minimal compared to a Mature Fresh Raw Vegetable.
  12. SERVING: Once the meal is ready for serving, the Powder is added, much like salt or pepper.
  13. GROWING: IOGP uses a Proprietary Process that incorporates numerous steps including Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, Soil Conservation, 100% Certified Organic, NO Pesticides, NO Herbicides, NO Fertilizer, NO GMOs, Bacteria Control, CO2 Measurements, Lighting Control, Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Air Flow Control, and much more.
  14. DOSAGE: There is no exact “dosage” for any Nutrient for all people. Absorption rates, body mass, metabolism rate, bioavailability, density, and many more factors determine the correct dose for each individual. However, there are “guidelines”. These guidelines are established by USDA and are expressed as “Daily Value.” (DV). Many experts in Nutrition suggest that a 20% DV is a good place to start for Ingestion purposes. Using that as a reference point and Vitamin A, beta carotene in IOGP Broccoli Powder, we have set .04 oz (15,000 IU/oz) or 1 tsp (25 tsp/oz) as the starting point. This delivers 600+ IU which is 20% DV for Vitamin A/beta carotene (½ tsp 2X daily).

To experience the main way IOGP broccoli powder promotes longevity & aging gracefully order your own package of CELL RE SET that comes in 1oz or 2oz packages.


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