This Mood-Hacking Strategy SHOULD Be Used To Ease Stress

Mood-Hacking Strategy SHOULD Be Used To Ease Stress

If your life wasn’t already filled with chaos, the abrupt, live-altering, socially isolating, past years and 2 years have provided just may have put you over the top. Even for myself, having suffered from my own fatigue, and burnout, I have had to pull out all the stops in making sure I didn’t experience another screeching crash. One of the best sayings I’ve ever heard goes like this “great health is a verb, not a noun”. 

With that, you’re either doing proactive things to get better, or reactive things to keep you from getting worse. So for me, this includes dialing in on my circadian rhythm management. 

Things like the same bedtime during the week and weekends. Same wake-up time. Plenty of fresh air, daily sunlight, and definitely movement during the day. Personally, I aim for 6-12k steps/day, but I don’t think you necessarily need to go that high. The point is you are active and moving. Nutritionally, I feel my best when I’m consistent with a nutrient-dense diet, and good quality “earthly” foods. Then plenty of socialization with friends and family. No matter how small the circle.  

Part of my continued verb-like strategy in my stress “management” has been a product I formulated called Cell Re Calm AM.

The science responsible for CELL RE NU’s most relaxing supplement: Cell Re Calm AM

Before I detail the hoped-to-be “easy to understand” science class explanation of this supplement, I wanted to remind you, I never ever (ever ever) make a recommendation for a product that I haven’t tried myself, and research the heck out of. So just know that any supplement in my CELL RE NU’s line has been hand-picked and/or custom formulated. 

Cell Re Calms “knight in shining armor” is the Magnolia Bark Extract. Which has been used for hundreds of years for its stress-reducing properties, Honokiol and Magnolol, are the major bioactive constituents of Magnolia bark and are believed to have therapeutic potential for depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

What I have found with my patient base is that magnolia bark has the potential to lower glutamate levels which are consistently high with almost all my patients. High glutamate can create a lot of anxiety. On top of that, magnolia bark has the potential to deactivate cortisol, what I refer to as sending the active troops home for military leaves. 

So you don’t feel so much stress. I formulated CELL RE CALM AM with only 37.5mg of magnolia bark per capsule so that you can take the edge off in the morning without feeling too tired from it with the CELL RE CALM PM,

which has 100mg/capsule. Hence “PM”. 

The next ingredient we put in there is Danshen. Danshen is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine and has received considerable attention due to its beneficial effects on health and reported to have a neuroprotective profile, by modulating glutamate release.

Then came adding in the Lemon Balm. Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), a member of the mint family, is considered a calming herb. Used as far back as the Middle Ages to diminish stress and anxiety, promote sleep, and improve appetite.

 Lastly, we put magnesium L-threonate, a newly formulated magnesium blend. We did this because it has been shown to fine-tune nerve-to-nerve synaptic plasticity, the NMDA receptor, and amplify memory and learning.

How I utilize Cell Re Calm AM into my routine.

This calming, stress-supporting supplement can be helpful to take at any time of the day. I personally prioritize my Cell Re Calm AM on my most demanding days of the week, usually Monday through Thursday. This is because I have plenty of appointments, meetings, research, and content creation, and I need to be calm, yet focused. I take 1 or 2. But I have to emphasize, I take it only when I feel that underlying “stress” starting to kick in, between my Monday through Thursday. Which is a good lesson in supplementation dosing. Use only with necessary…and, doing things to make it less necessary. 

That said, when I do use it, It’s certainly a major tool in my “remain calm under fire” tool kit. 

Whenever I take Cell Re Calm AM, I also feel confident knowing that it’s supporting my HPA axis and stress mechanics. So I no longer feel like I’m constantly in fight or flight. 

The Final Word.

Because of its synergist calming plant-based, stress-addressing ingredients, rooted in clinical science, Cell Re Calm AM has become my go-to nutritional boosting approach to take the edge off.

It’s brought a real calming sensation to a once overwhelming lifestyle, and I hope you find it helps you too. 

I believe in you


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