Doctors Overlooked My Symptoms For Years: How I Ultimately Discovered The Help I Required…Learn What That was

Inflammation, acidity, and low energy

After Years Of doctor visits, being told that nothing was wrong or that I needed to take anti-depressants or go for therapy, I Took My Health Into My Own Hands.

While some health problems are observable to the outside world, many people face chronic illnesses without externally visible symptoms. — otherwise known as hidden illness. 

Reflecting on my most vivid challenges in high school, I now know there were problems with panic, anxiety, overwhelm, and being caught in flight or fight twenty-four-seven. 

They would show up like a deer in headlights whenever I would get called on by a teacher. Having to speak in public created such intense, painful, overwhelming feelings in my body. 

Or when I had a competition, soccer game, track meet, or impending deadline. Let’s not even talk about whenever I showed interest in a girl; there was no way my body, fear, and hysteria would allow me to approach her. 

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but feeling sick became part of my self-identity. 

My mysterious condition persisted for years.

When I was in studying for my doctorate program, the intense studying, all-nighters, being on an IV of caffeine, sugary foods, and the pressure of passing board exams ultimately led me to a significant crash. 

The problem would never be identified when I visited traditional medical doctors. My blood tests were normal, and they were the least interested in the backstory or how my symptoms would be expressed. 

They would prescribe an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication or refer me out for therapy-but they never investigate the root cause. 

In addition to constantly feeling overwhelmed, I also expressed text-book ADHD symptoms. Short-term memory, where did I put my wallet and car keys or stay on task? 

ALL were challenging for me. 

None of the practitioners I saw recommended looking into energy production 101 and the creation of oxidative stress. 

Needless to say, my challenges continued after I graduated when my wife was pregnant with twins. Over 250k of student debt, moving to a new state, opening up a new practice, and a recurrence of a back injury.  

Constant pain, brain fog, anxiety, crashing in the middle of the day, and rock bottom libido. 

Ultimately, I never got any conclusive answers, just band-aid explanations.

The voyage to unlocking my health issues. 

After re-injuring my back for a second time, I became invested in uncovering answers to my health. I had newborn twins, student loans, and the cost of living to survive to overcome.  

I was determined to solve this problem for my family and others suffering from the same stress-related burnout. 

That was being told that their blood tests were normal and it was “all in their heads” also. 

From there, I began diving into my research. I enrolled in Functional Medicine University and received my post-graduate credentials as a Certifed Functional Medicine Practitioner. 

I learned concepts like mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and energy production 101 and how life stressors can create the perfect storm in your body. 

From there, I used everything I learned myself first and experienced a huge improvement very quickly. I wasn’t getting triggered by the same stressors that used to make me feel anxious and overwhelmed. 

I was also more focused. I no longer had those mid-morning and early afternoon energy slumps. Brain fog was erased as my mental clarity came back.  

My motivation, drive, and libido all came back will vengeance. 

So, what was it that I learned and implemented????

It’s simple. My energy demand exceeded my energy supply. When that happened, my body created very little ATP (the body’s gasoline) and oxidative stress (smoke out of the tailpipe). 

I want to say I used a crazy concoction or exotic herbs, lotions, and potions. But sadly, I don’t have that sexy of a solution. 

The two solutions: 

1) I used mineral drops: When supply and demand are low, your body becomes depleted of essential minerals. Minerals are critical to power your mitochondrial. 

Coupled with burning all your minerals when stressed, a diet of less than stellar, nature-made fruit and veggies will keep you mineral deficient. Not to mention how much our soils are depleted with these essential minerals.

2) I started testing my Urine pH. When your demand for energy production is lower than your supply for energy production, your tissue “oxygenation” will be low. 

When your tissue oxygenation is low, your pH will be low. This is another way of saying you are very acidic. 

And as the saying goes, to measure something is to manage something. So I started measuring my urine pH when I woke up and went to bed. 

The closer you are to 8.0, above 7.0, the better tissue oxygenation you are getting. The less acidic you are. 

The less acidic you are, the more minerals power your mitochondria for energy production. 

Make sense? 

Minerals and testing. 

If you are interested in minerals, click here. 

If you are interested in testing your pH, click here


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